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Viruses? Don’t worry we got you!

VirusesAsking why people create viruses is like asking why people commit a crime. With viruses dominating the internet space, getting more information about how to protect your computer from them is now a necessity. But, have you ever asked why these viruses are created?

Originally, programmers created viruses as practical jokes. In fact, programmers created the first virus without the intent of using it for a malicious purpose. But when the popularity of the internet exploded, viruses became a big issue for the PC owners.

Hackers came up with a new way of using a virus to dupe people and even created adware that popped up advertising windows all over your computer. Hackers are now creating viruses that can scan your computer for information like credit card, bank account and social security numbers.

In fact, most of the viruses being created nowadays can monitor the traffic going in and out of your computer to steal information like credit card number or password and send it to the virus creator.

Why do people create viruses?

1. To Make Money off of you

Lots of viruses, spyware and malware found on computers don’t pose any harm to the PC other than slow it down. This malware captures the information about the computer owner and sends it to the creator of the malware. The information collected will be used to target adverts to your computer.
Such advertisements come in the form of pop-ups and emails on your computer.

If they can infect a lot of computers with such malware, they can make a lot of money from ads display because the more ads they send out, the more possibilities of getting people to visit the advertiser and buying the product.

2. Stealing Account and Sensitive Information

These viruses are created to steal information from you and use it to steal money from your online accounts such as online games and virtual goods. They could even sell your virtual goods to other players for real money. Those behind the malware also use the information to gain access to their
victim’s bank account and make replica credit cards, transfer money from the account or make online purchases.

3. To Gain Access to Personal Data

Ask yourself, how many times you’ve signed up for services using your email address, date of birth, name and other personal information. We have heard of how elections are manipulated using the personal data captured online. When the hackers gain access to your personal information, they can use it for many things. From creating a fake identity to blackmailing, these evil people can cause a lot of harm.

4. To prove one’s skill or to prove something can be done or for revenge purposes or to prove a point

Some people create a virus to prove a point. For instance, a virus that infected a lot of computers back in 2003 is called Lovesan. The virus caused the system it infected to restart after 60 seconds and two hidden messages “I just want to say LOVE YOU SN!!” and “billy gates why do you make this
possible? Stop making money and fix your software!!”

It is believed that the virus was created to prove it is easy to break into Windows system.

What can you do?

Keep your computer updated and stop downloading free stuff from strange websites. Make sure you install anti-virus software and anti-malware/spyware software on your computer. Also, be cautious of email attachments.

If you run into problems with virus, spyware and malware, we can help you. Viruses are not cool on your computer because they can slow it down, cause it to crash and steal vital information from you.

Contact us to fix it today.

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